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1950 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.

Published: Saturday, June 10,  1950

Source: Lynn Public Library Microfilm


Leading Students Honored At Vocational Exercises


Tarr Presents Diplomas to 43:

Randall Urges ‘Pioneer Spirit’


    A graduation class of 43 students of Vocational High School received diplomas from Mayor Stuart A. Tarr at impressive commencement ceremonies last night at the Harrington School. The number of graduates showed a gain of four over last year.

    Highlighting the exercises was the announcement that Emilio Marino of 98 Vine Street was named winner of the tool kit awarded by Local 1037 of the Lynn Teacher’s Union. The presentation was made by W. Allan Waters, a member of the faculty.

    Three students, selected for their outstanding scholastic achievements, shared the speaking platform and presented talks relative to the modern machine age. Student speakers included Ernest Amero, Allan Hanson and Robert Shaw.



    Norman J. Randell, executive secretary of the Lynn Chamber Commerce, as commencement orator, sounded a challenge to the graduates to keep faith in America and to seek new frontiers of endeavor.

    “Too many people paint a black picture of this country’s future.” Randell said, declaring that many doors of opportunity are still open for the youth of today.”

    Randell cited examples of new opportunities afford today’s youth and asked the graduates to reflect over new industrial  words such as nylon, electronics, jet-engine, atomic energy, which he said are all challenges to future scientists and machine workers.

    “The pioneer spirit that has developed America has been due competition, enthusiasm and industrial effort and without them we would not have the West, the automobile, or airplanes,” the speaker declared. In closing, he urged the graduates to retain the spirit of competition of research and ambition for “America is still land of opportunity.”

    Prior to Randell’s address three talks were given by honor students and included: Allan Hanson on “Our Push Button Civilization:” Robert Shaw on “Cabinet Making” and Ernest Amero on “Our Dependence On Machines.”

    The graduation ceremonies were opened with organ selections by Clifford W. Webber, assistant supervisor of music in the Lynn public schools, followed by a prayer and address of welcome by Principal Ralph W. Babb. The graduation marked the final school function for Principal Babb who will retire this month from the Lynn school system.

    Presentation of the colors and flag salute were conducted members of the U.S. Naval serves, composed of under-graduates of the school. Included in the detail were Richard Burke, Bernard Coyne, Douglas Day, William Farewell, Scott Higgins, Lawrence Kerig, Arthur Morgan and Richard Nestor.
    Selections were also given by members of the senior class chorus under the direction of Morris Youdin. Class officers who shared leading parts in the graduation included: President, John D. Burrows, vice president, Donald B. McEwan, secretary treasurer, Bruce Blomster.
    Users, all members of the 1951 graduating class, included Harold Babineau, Maurice D’Entremont, Robert Muchmore, Robert Tanzella and Thomas Tutton.


    Members of the graduating class who received diplomas included.

Unit Trade Machine Drafting Course

    Bruce Arnold Blomster and Raymond Albert Lessard.

Unit Trade Machine Shop Course

    Ernest L. Abbott, Jr., Robert E. Adams, Ernest J. Amero, John J. Buchanan, John D. Burrows, Joseph D. Carter, Richard A. Dion, Raymond P. Ferguson, Frederick S. Gove, Richard A. Griffith, Loring D. Keating, Robert E. Legro, Alfred M. Malloy, Francis P. Murphy, Edmund J. Pamowski, Nicholas P. Rouvallis, Charles E. Stickney, Richard B. Surette, Dexter E. Swift, Ronald B. Thorpe, Donald J. Trahant and Philip H. Vatcher.

Unit Trade Cabinet Making Course

    Joseph J. Lamoureux, Ronald B. McEwan, Robert E. Shaw, and Robert H. Slate.

Unit Trade Electrical Course

    Carl B. Abbott, Donald W. Ames, John Boccello, Patrick Boccello, Paul E. Bourque, William Dunlop, Lawrence A. Fountain, William A. Fournier, Joseph P. Glidden, Allan W. Hanson, John P. Kiersey, Emilio P. Marino, Richard L. Meade, Neil F. O’Donnell, Gordon E. Otis, Robert R. Raney and Richard L. Sullivan.