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1951 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.

Publisher: Friday, June 8,  1951

Source: Lynn Public Library Microfilm

 River Works Head Speaks

At Vocational High School


Class of 45 Given Diplomas After

Hearing Appeal To Do Their Best


     Impressive ceremonies marked the annual graduation of 45 seniors of Vocational High School this forenoon at the Harrington School Auditorium.


For Principal Michael C. O’Donnell, who praised the record of the graduates, it was the first graduation he attended as principal since he replaced Ralph W. Babb, who retired a year ago.

Herbert L. Ross, manager of the River Works of the General Electric Company, delivered the commencement address and diplomas were presented by Dr. Edward F. Eagan, a member of the Lynn School Committee.
    Calling upon the graduates to have confidence in their own ability. Mr. Ross challenged the class to “always be forward in your thinking and be qualified to accept the responsibility of a new and better job.” He said, in part:

“Always think objectively and never be complacent by discounting your ability in your line of endeavor. Keep your sights and always remember you can accomplish whatever you set out to do so long as you are determined to reach your objective.

 “The country industry and society need your craftsmanship, skill, ingenuity, and creative ability.  This is more evident today than at any other time in history. When you realize the influence of the mechanical age in which we are living as in our everyday life. The scientific and technological developments that have taken place in recent years are all indicative of man’s creative ability. All these developments serve to focus our attention on the great possibilities and opportunities that exist today. These developments have created new job opportunities that never existed a few years back.

“Every progressive business today is constantly in search of promising young men with potential ability that experience will develop. Our sure way to gain recognition whether you go in business for yourself or are employed by others is to do the job at hand to the best of your ability and make every effort to complete the assignment better than anyone else who may have tackled it before you.”


David J. Thibodeau, who served as class prophet, was awarded a kit of electrical tools by the Lynn Teachers’ Union, Local 137, as the outstanding honor graduate. Thibodeau was enrolled in the electrical course and was selected by the school faculty for the honor.

Raymond F. Jones, a member of the machine shop course, delivered a talk on the subject “Advantages of a Vocational Education.” Class officers, seated in honor positions on the auditorium stage included: President, Leonard Clark; vice president, Donald Marshall; treasurer, Donald Dragon; secretary, Willis Lynch.

Several choral selections were given by the graduates, accompanied by Mrs. Freda Youdin. Her husband, Morris Youdin served as conductor.

Members of the graduating class included:


    Roger J. Brennan, Leonard A. Clark, Daniel F. Clemens, Donald K. Dragon, William D. Farewell, Robert M. Gauthier, Carl A Hartling, Walter S. Kaminski, Laurence E. Kerig, Robert L. Ripley, Gerald R. Robinson, Jr. and David J. Thibodeau.


Charles F. Curley, Real A. Desilets, Warren P. Lovell, Richard L. Twiss.


    Gerald F. Glzycki, Richard J. Tabb, Joseph E. Town, Thomas B. Tutton.


Harold J. Babineau, Richard J. Burke, Maurice S. D’Entremont, Edward J. Flynn, Elwin J. Furey, Raymond F. Jones, Willis R. Lynch, Edward S. Malecki, Richard M. Monahan, George B. Moulton, Robert A. Muchmore, Richard J. Nestor, Silvio J. Persia, Carl R. Phelps, Halford B. Ross, Robert J. Tanzella, Francis J. Therrien.


Edwin R. Finnemore, Eugene J. Kaczynski.


Donald G. Bushway, James W. Fournier, Donald E. Marshall, John J. Osborne, Edward T. Smithers, Jr., Kenneth J. Wysong.