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1952 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 6,  1952

Source: Lynn Public Library Microfilm.


Small Business Lauded

At Vocational Exercises


Albert C. Day Addresses Class:

Dr. Eagan Awards 40 Diplomas

    Several hundred parents, relatives and friends attended the annual graduation exercises of Vocational High School this forenoon at which 40 seniors were awarded diplomas at the Harrington School auditorium.
    The graduates heard a stirring commencement address by Albert C. Day, president and treasurer of the Eastern Tank and Equipment Manufacturing Company, Inc., and former president of the Lynn Exchange Club. Mr. Day cited the advantage of working for a small business and pointed out that they preserve our freedom of enterprise.
    “We must have small business or else we will have as a final result nothing but big business,” declared Day. He warned that big unionism will follow and as a final result “complete socialization of industry and labor will take place and the step immediately following this is for the State to take over and communize the nation.”
    “Small business comprises 96 per cent, approximately, of our employment.” Declared Day. “For every one man in large industry earning $10,00 a year, there are 1000 men in small industry earning the same amount,” the speaker said.
Suggests Career
In Small Plant
    Day advised the graduates to enter small business. “Big corporations,” he warned, “have personnel teams that cover schools such as this and offer fabulous salaries, but what they do not tell you is that they have expanded way beyond their capacity for the defense effort and will return to their normal state as soon as it is over, and you who are new employes will be the first to go.”

    “Small industry is still the bulwark of the nation’s employment,” Day emphasized.

    Principal Michael C. O’Donnell, in lauding the graduates on the completion of their technical and mechanical studies, pointed out that a high percentage of the class has already secured employment in local industries.

A prize of $200, offered by Local 1037, Lynn Teachers Union, was won by Richard A. Peabody of  5 Ellis Street Place, a student in the electrical course. Peabody is already part time employed at the Sylvania Electrical Products, Salem.
   Allard J. Madore, senior class secretary, opened the graduation program with a talk on “Vocational Education in Massachusetts.” Madore is the son of Mr. And Mrs. James F. Robinson of 175 Chestnut Street and was an honor pupil of the class.
    The opening flag salute and address of welcome was given by Charles B. McFarlane, class president. He is the son of Mr. And Mrs. Charles B. McFarlane of 25 Piedmont Street and was enrolled in the electrical course.
Diplomas Given

By Dr. Eagan

    Diplomas were presented the graduates by Dr. Edward F. Eagan, a member of the Lynn School Committee.

    Highlighting the colorful commencement ceremonies was a pleasing musical program arranged by Miss Ruth L. Curtis, supervisor of music in the Lynn public schools and led by Morris Youdin. Several selections were given by a chorus, composed of members of the junior class. The opening and closing marches were played by Chesley B. Curtis, pianist.

    Class officers who shared honor positions on the stage included: President, Charles B. McFarlane; vice president, Edward C. Linehan; secretary, Allard J. Madore; treasurer, Donald P. Cumm. W. Allan Waters, a member of the faculty, served as class adviser.

Members of the graduating class follows:

Cabinet Making Course – Michael Raymond Cumm, Charles Edward Perkins, Jr., Norman George LaBonte and William Henry Walsh..

Drafting Course – Lawrence H. Dube.

Electrical Course – Carl F. Alboth, Charles Byrne McFarlane, John A. Bartlett, Alwin John Morse, Jr., Ralph John Bickford, Walter G. Patten, Jr., Laurence Richard Bryan, Richard A. Peabody, Donald Paul Cumm, Francis William Robinson, Edward Cornelius Linehan, Robert Joseph Tobin, Omer Joseph Maillous, Jr., Charles Dennis Wade, John Francis Mannell and Alfred J. White, Jr.

General Course – Charles F. Atwood, John Albert Sine, John Francis Barrett, Ronald Fredericc Varney, Edward Strickland Benson, Kenneth Beveridge Whincup and Richard Elmer LaClair.

Printing Course – Alfred Warren Pelley, Allard Joseph Madore and Paul Sussman Segal.

Machine Shop Course – Donald Breed Kelly, Jr., John Joseph Ryan, Francis William King, Richard Colin Sullivan, Richard Charles Martel, William Stanley Vangelist, Domenic Peter Romano and Demosthenes James Zaimes.