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1953 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 12, 1953 Page 13
Lynn Public Library Microfilm.

Lynn Trade High School

Graduates Class of 37


Industrialist Lauds Youths

Class Secretary Presented Gift


    "What you have learned in school no one can take from you, and you will find your education will stand you in good stead all through life," Charles E. Seifert vice-president and general manager of the Thomson Electric Welder Company, told the 37-member Lynn Trade High School graduating class this afternoon.
    The colorful annual graduation ceremony was conducted in the Harrington School auditorium, with scores of parents, relatives and friends in attendance.
    Delivering the pricipal address Seifert added:
    "It has been said that success is due to about 20 per cent of what you know and 80 per cent to your ability to get along with others.
    "I am quite sure that with your fine training during the past years you will be in a better position to qualify for a job than the ordinary high school fellow."
    "Have confidence in yourselves." Seifert continued: "You will find out even those things which seemed unimportant will be of final value to you.
    "Some people would have you think that American freedom means automatic freedom from worry, fear and work.
    "Nothing in the constitution or in any good system of government promises that. Freedom means only freedom to work for the things you want in life."
    Dr. Edward F. Eagan, member of the Lynn School Committee, presented diplomas to the graduating class which included one post-graduate, Lester J. Newth, Jr.
    An award for maintaining "an excellent scholastic standing for three years" was presented to Louis Richard Luciano, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Luciano of 119 Alley Street.
     Class Secretary Luciano was awarded a set of tools by the Lynn Teachers' Union Local No. 1037. He was chosen as the outstanding student in the graduating class.
    Other class officers were:  President, robert Arthur Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E.Young of 90 Western Avenue, who attended Boys' State last year; vice-president, Harry J. Drew, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Drew of 7 Acorn Street, and treasurer, Photios John Photiou, son of Mr. and Mrs. Photoiu of 45 Lake Street, Peabody.
    Principal Michael C. O'Donnell directed the graduation exercises. Eugene P. Martin was the class advisor, and music for the graduation was prepared under the direction of Ruth L. Curtis, supervisor of vocal music.
    The graduation program included: "Processional March" (Freda Youdin); Flag Salute, Robert A. Young; Singing, "America The Beautiful," graduates and audience, Morris Youdin, conductor; Essay "Vocational Education" by Robert A. Young; Trade High Chorus, "Integer Vitae" (Fleming-Russell) and "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" (Edmund L. Gruber); Singing, America." graduates and audience; "Recessional March" (Freda Youdin).
In the graduating class of 1953 were:
CABINET MAKING - Robert William Curley, Robert Edwin DeRosier, Linwood Nelson Howard, Arthur Leroy Hutchins, Ralph Levern McCollim, Jr., Antony Joseph Picariello and Robert Arthur Young.
MECHANICAL DRAFTING - Paul Francis McLaughlin.
ELECTRCAL SHOP - Donald Bruce Allen, Edward Vincent Comeau, Robert Joseph Ellard, Robert Ernest Fisher, Jr., Leslie Norris Howard and
David Leo Kegig, Joseph Anthony LaFrance, Louis Richard Luciano, Henry Leo Pascale, Ronald Arthur Peterson, Eugene Ferneld Wade and Bruse Allen Yates.
General - William Charles Hathaway, Charles John Langlois, Robert J. McDonald, Photios John Photiou, and Leo Thomas Wilson.
MACHINE SHOP - Roy William Bergendanl, Robert Everett Bowden, Paul Brenden Collins, Charles R. Haynes, Jr., Richard Earl Massero, Raymond Bruce Parker, Richard Perruzi, Philip Earl Robbins, Stuart Gordan Ross and Edward Sukach.
PRINT SHOP - Harry Joseph Drew and Lester James Newth, Jr., post graduate.
'Trade' Exercises Is First Ever
    The 37-member graduating class at Lynn Trade High School took part in the setting of a milestone during the commencement exercises today.
    The pupils received the first diplomas marked "Lynn Trade High School."
    For years the local institution was known as "Lynn Vocational High School."

Class Photo
LYNN TRADE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1953 - During colorful festivities this forenoon in the HarringtonSchool auditorium, diplomas were presented by School Committeeman Dr. Edward F. Eagan top these 37 graduates: Front row, left to right Leo Thomas Wilson, Ronald Arthur Peterson, Robert William Curley, ???, ???, ???, Photios John Photiou, Robert Arthur Young, Louis Richard Luciano, Harry Joseph Drew, David Leo Kerig, Eugene Ferneld Wade, ???, ???. Second row, Arthur Leroy Hutchins, Henry Leo Pascale, Timothy Joseph S?, Paul Brenden Collins, Philip Earl Robbins, ???, ???, ???, William Charles Hathaway, Donald Bruce Allenn, Charles R. Haynes, Jr. and Robert Everett Bowden. Third row ???,???,???, ???, Robert J. McDonald, Robert Edwin DeRosier, Linwood Nelson Howard and Bruce Allen Yates.