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1960 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 10, 1960 Page 15
Lynn Public Library Microfilm.
Class of Seventy Nine Graduate at
Trade High

90 Percent Secure Jobs

    Seventy-nine seniors were awarded diplomas at Lynn Trade High School graduation ceremonies held this morning in the Edward J. Harrington School. 
    The diplomas were presented to the graduates by School Committeeman Robert E. Webber.
    Michael C. O Donnell, school director, complimented members of the class on their achievements and declared that 90 percent of the graduates had already been placed in employment and that employment possibilities remain excellent.
    Chester Brown Jr., manager of community relations for the General Electric Company in Lynn, awarded a gold watch to Michael A. Alukonis of 21 Superior Street, Swampscott, adjudged the outstanding student in the class. He has Accepted a job as an apprentice tool and die maker at the River Works.

    James P. Barry, a member of the faculty, and Miss Clarice M. Smith, president of the Lynn Teachers Association, awarded James K. Shurski of 52 River Street and Donald E. Harnois of 285 Broadway $100 tool gift certificates for excellence in drafting.

    Curtis W. Carpenter of 205 Broadway was awarded $50 for excellence in cabinet making . The award was presented by Harley N. Prescott, a member of the faculty.
     John T. Transfaglia, son of Mrs. Helen Transfaglia of 79 Hollingsworth was class president.
    Chester L. Carter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Carter of 16 Fiske Avenue was vice president; Curtis Carpenter, son of Mrs. Edward B. Cromptom of 205 Broadway was secretary; and James K. Skurski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Skurski of 52 River Street, was treasure.

        The following is a list of the graduates and their courses:
    Cabinet Making - Curtis William Carpenter Jr., Richard Charles Cook, Terry Raymond Grant, William Richard Hanson, Vincent Linden Merchant.
    Drafting - Richard James Calvani, George Henry Davis, Thomas Harvey D Ovidio, Donald Edward Harnois, Charles Edward Johnson, David John Kallery, Paul Allan Mednis, James Kenneth Skurski, Peter Louis Tunis.
    Electrical - Edward James Clements, Carmen Federico, Donald Payson Gray, Robert Orrin Gray, James Jeremiah Mahoney, Robert John Phillips, Walter John Polakiewicz, Richard Andrew Preece, Frank Joseph Rogers, James Patrick Shirley, Ralph Frances Sirois, Leo Henry Tedesco, John Thomas Transfaglia, Robert Hugh Woods.
    Machine Shop - Michael Allan Alukonis, Peter Leslie April, Robert Wallace Blasdale, Edwin Stewart Bragan, Philip Brooks, Daniel John Collins, Carl Attilio Cornacchia, Douglas Emory Currier, Raymond Charles Danby, Kenneth Richard DeGrasse, Michael Steven Donlon, Richard A. Doucette, Robert James Durrance, Robert John Fectteau, George Herbert Forward, Lawrence P. Hargrove, Ralph Charles Hatffield.
    Richard William Hayward, Randolph Michael Jezowski, William Alfred LeClair, Richard A. Maddocks, James Lawrence Mantho, David John McManus, Raymond Thomas Murphy, Richard Gregory Pierce, Robert Joseph Robertson, Dominic Philip Russo, Kenneth James Shaw, Joseph Eric Sidlauskas, Arthur Edwin Smith, III, William Surawski, Robert C. Tarbox, Richard T. Thomas.
    Printing - Robert T. Green, Daniel C. Hartford, Robert Wilfred Stead.

    Sheet Metal - Chester Lawrence Carter, James Edward Cennami, Alfred John Dragonetti, Jr., Edward Thomas Hunt, John William Murphy, Wayne Richard Newton, A. Bruce Rebidue, David Charles Riley, Eugene Joseph Sacco, Eric Arthur Swanson.

    Shop Carpentry - William Edward Doughty, James Edward Limoges, John Stephen McKenney, John L. Mezakowski, Jr., Robert Frederick, Taylor, Jr.