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1961 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 9, 1961 Page 9
Lynn Public Library Microfilm.
73 Receive Diplomas At Lynn Trade High School

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GE Official Gives Talk

Calvin Newman Advises Action


    Seventy-three seniors were awarded diplomas at graduation ceremonies for Lynn Trade High School this morning. The commencement program was held at the Edward J. Harrington School auditorium.
    Diplomas were presented by School Committeeman Robert E. Webber.
    The commencement address was by Calvin A. Newman of Peabody, manager, relations and utilities, at the General Electric Company's Lynn River Works.
    Mr. Newman urged the graduates to be "as the playwrights put it, a restless generation of angry young men." He said they should be restless among those "who stifle progress through lack of constructive thought and action." and "angry at ignorance and fear" and compromise for the sake of convenience instead of justice."
    He warned that Communists are profiting from the public apathy which stems from "the burning desire Americans have for easier living." This apathy fosters an inactivity, a preference for watching television over participation in civic and educational affairs, which leads to irresponsibility, he said.
    The youths were advised that they must compete in the world they now are entering just as they competed in the classroom.
    He defined a capitalist as a "successful competitor" and gave as examples of capitalists such names as Henry Fort, John D. Rockefeller, Yogi Berra, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and President Kennedy.
    Mr. Newman also presented a gold watch, the GE Managers Award for the school's outstanding student, to Albert W. Robertson of 101 Grant Street. A graduate of the machine shop course, Robertson now is employed as an apprentice tool maker by the Boyle and Williams Tool and Die Company.
    Howard J. Curdo, Jr., of 16 Mount Pleasant Street was awarded a $100 gift certificate from the Lynn Teachers' Union for purchase of tools. The presentation was made by Philip J. Cuffe of the Trade facility.
Donald P. Belben of 1 Clough Street was presented a $100 award from the Lynn Teachers' Association. Miss Sophie Zetes, Harrington School teacher and first vice president of the association made the presentation.
    Thomas F. Walkey of 133 Childs Street and Curdo received drafting instruments and a handbook for outstanding achievements in mechanical drafting. The awards were made by James H. Scott, president, for Local 142, American Federation of Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO.
    Albert W. Robertson was class president. ThomasD. Callahan of 23 Cook Street was the vice president; Howard J. Curdo, Jr., was secretary; and Ronald J. Sikorski of 53 Camden Street, was treasurer.
    The following is a list of the graduates and their courses:
    Cabinet Making - Albert William Doughty, Jr., Richard W. Marsh, Jr., Anthony Claude Meneades, Vincient Charles Meneades, James Charles Mulready, John Gardner Ridlon.
    Drafting - Robert Ralph Calvani, Howard Joseph Curdo, Jr., Ronald James Gover, Herbert Joseph Newhall, John Francis Perry, III, Thomas Frank Walkey.
    Electrical - Gerald Edward Baker, Donald Paul Belben, James Michael Burke, David Callahan, Louis Edward Coates, Jr., Paul Ernest Cole, James Allen Grant, Donald Edward Latter, John Timothy Looney, Jr., Michael Anthony McDuff, Richard Arthur Morse, Paul Alfred Roney, Edward Anthony Serino, Joseph Ashworth Smith, Jr., Sidney George Smith, Charles Raymond Teague.
    Machine Shop - Charles Angelopolus, Roger Robert Baribeau, Walter Albert Bazillion, George F. Brewer, Jr., Walter Theodore Brown, Jr., Donald Arthur Bruhm, Ronald Geoffrey Burton, Robert Francis Cole, Jr., Albert Theodore Collins, KentDelois Cooper, John Edward Cocey, Thomas A. D'Entremont, Stephen Vernon Ditchfield, Dennis Joseph Donahue, Peter Matthew Gandolfo, Charles A. Gerry, Donald Edward Greenleaf, Victor John Hart, Frederick Augustine Macdonald, Jr., Donald Malcolm MacNeill, Frank Joseph McLaughlin, Paul Douglas Protz, Albert William Robertson, Jr., Alan Henry Scharffenberg and James Lincoln Teal.
    Printing - Steven Charles Anderson, Lawrence Henry Brown, Peter Edward Cardran, Donald Anthony Cleri, Francis M. Parson, John Frederick Turner, III
    Sheetmetal - Joseph W. Amero, Henry Richard Askew, III, Peter James Carteris, Stephen Carl McGown, Clifford Stanley Nason, Ronald James Sikorski, Thomas Frederick Wright.
    Shop Carpentry - James Anthony Calvni, Henry James Cameron, Terrence Leo Collins, James Edward Corton, Wayne Harry Drew, Leonard Athony Saindon, Stephen Carl Sirois.

Trade School Graduates

Already Placed In Jobs

Director O'Donnell Cites Record Made In Employment In 10 Years


    Despite the recession during the past year Trade High School has placed 72 per cent of its graduating seniors, Director Michael C. O'Donnell announced today.
    O,Donnell reveled that over the past 10 years, a study by the State Department of Education shows, placement of Lynn Trade students has averaged 86 per cent compared to 76 per cent for all trade and industrial schools in Massachusetts.
    The following is a list of the graduates with employment and the name of the concerns:
    Cabinet Making Course - Albert W. Doughty and Richard W. Marsh, Valiant Wood Products; James C. Mulready, T. J. Walsh and Company, Inc.
    Drafting Course - Robert Calvani, Triangle Tool and Die Company; Thomas F. Walkey, Ken-Tron Corporation.
    Electrical Course - Charles R. Teague, Star Neon Sign Company; Michael McDuff, Sorenson Electrical Company, Inc.
    Machine Shop Course - Charles Angelopolus, Jaquith Carbine Company; Roger R. Baribeau, Northeast Microwave; George F. Brewer, Jr., General Electric Company; Walter T. Brown, Jr., Coast Metal Products, Inc.; Donald A. Bruhm, Metcom, Inc., Salem; Ronald G. Burton, Babco Products, Inc.; Robert F. Cole, Jr., Babco Products, Inc.; Albert T. Collins, Ken-Tron Corporation; John E. Covey, Triangle Tool & Die Company; Thomas A. D'Entremont, Charron Precision Gage & Tool Corporation; Stephen V. Ditchfield, Ryan & Burke Machine Company; Dennis J. Donahue, Triangle Tool & Die Company; Peter M. Gandolfo, New England Screw Machine Company; Charles A. Gerry, Transitron Electronic Corporation, E. Boston; Donald E. Greenleaf, Hansen Engineering & Machine; Victor J. Hart, Ryan & Burke Machine Company; Frederick A. MacDonald, W. S. Bessett, Inc.; Donald M. MacNeill, Case Gear & Tool Corporation; Frank J. McLaughlin, Benver Tool & Die Company; Paul D. Protz, Chamption Lamp Works; Albert W. Robertson, Boyle & Williams; Alan H. Scharffenberg, Babco Products; James L. Teal, Riverside Products.
    Printing Course - Lawrence H. Brown, Bowlby Press; Peter E. Cardran, Court Square Press, Boston; Donald A. Cieri, Swampscott Press; Francis M. Parsons, Court Square Press, Boston; John F. Turner, III, Court Square Press, Boston.
    Sheet Metal Course - Joseph W. Amero, Precise Metal Products; Peter J. Carteris, Presice Metal Products; Clifford S. Nason, Sakata Signs, Inc.; Ronald J. Sikorski, Precise Metal Products; Thomas F. Wright, Wright Sheet Metal Shop, Wakefield.
    Shop Carpentry Course - James A. Calvani, Oxford Laminated; Henry J. Cameron, New England Casket Company; Terrence L. Collins, New England Casket Company; James E. Corton, Clifftondale Woodworking; Wayne H. Drew, Vallant Wood Products; Leonard A. Saindon, John Carpenter, Peabody; Stephen C. Sirois, Ray's Cabinet Shop.
    Trade seniors entering service after graduation, include: Stephen Anderson, U. S. Navy, and Joseph Smith, U. S. Marines.
    Students going on to higher education, are: Donald P. Belben, John T. Looney, and Donald Latter.