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1963 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 7, 1963 Page 11
Lynn Public Library Microfilm.
Trade High Graduates Record Class

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95 Students Get Diplomas


    A record size class of 95 students graduated today from Trade High School in traditional ceremonies held at the Harrington School.    The class, family, friends and school officials watched as School Committeeman John F. Barry presented the diplomas to the all-male class. The largest previous class at the school was 79 in 1962.
    Commencement speaker was Walter J. Markham, State director of vocational education, who told the students that too much emphasis is being put on college education when only 18 per cent of the entire U.S. labor force, now or in the foreseeable future, will need college degrees for employment.
    Speaking on "Education for a Changing World of Work," Markham cited results of the President's Panel on vocational training, whose report was issued last December.
    Markham said that the place of the vocational or trade school must be developed and that their students are sorely needed in today's labor market. "All too few people are being trained in schools for jobs that are open today," he added, stating that there is too much emphasis being put on ????microfilm scratched???? and high school preparation for such an education.
    Markham said that the young men at Trade High School have received the training necessary to join the working labor force and that they now must be careful to keep up with changing skills and training.
    He cited another effort of the vocational field as training and re-training older men, not graduates of  trade schools to do jobs available today. He said there are at least 200 such men currently being trained or re-trained in Lynn facilities.
    The most important problem for the future is to provide the facilities to do the training so sorely needed, Markham stated. The ready employment vocational students find, shows the worth of training, he concluded. Markham has been state director since 1954 and prior to that directed Lowell's vocation school. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree from Boston College and is a World War II Navy Veteran, reaching the rank of lieutenant commander.
    Valedictorian Wayne A. Comeau presented a discussion of "The Employment Outlook in the Next 10 Years."
    The program also Included theme choral selections by the students, under direction of Morris ?oudin.
    A poem, Hope of the World" was read by Walter Cameron, followed by the presentation of awards, the address and the presentation of diplomas.
    The graduates are:
    Basic Electronics - Richard E. Comeau, Wayne A. Comeau, Vincent B. DelFuoco, Stephen G. Donovan, Martin T. Dullea, Jr., Thomas R. Flockerzi, Richard ?. Gaudet, Robert A. Gurley, Gerald R. Heartling, Kenneth ?. LaBarre, David E. Liewellyn, Eugene S. Newhall, Jr., John R. Pothier, James N. Slate, Dennis M. Sullivan, Raymond M. Teague and Thomas R. Warren.
    Cabinet Making - Robert C. Janvrin, Paul L. Lavoie, Stephen D. Prendergast and Jack T. Vannoy.
    Drafting - Richard S. Blazak, Edmund J. Canning, Jr., Ronald E. McManus, Frederick J. Redden, Joseph D. Schier, Howard A. Sederquist and Stephen A. Simolaki.
    Electrical - Delmor M. Barry, Raymond J. Callahan, James R. Close, Jay E. Cohen, Neil A. Hathaway, Thomas M. Higgins, Henry A. Hunt, Herald B. Jenfins, William K. Loizides, Gerald T. Lynch, James H. Mageary, Jr. Ralph E. McGown, Joseph J. McLaughlin, Robert M. Milaszewski, Carl R. Perlino, Jr., Walter J. Rose, Peter C. Saxonis and Lesley A. Steele, Jr.
    Machine Shop - Russel H. Austin, Nathan R. Boynton, Jr., Richard W. Carter, Stephen W. Collier, Donald P. Comeau, John T. Cooke, Richard C. Cooke, Jeffery P. Cooper, Joseph O. Cormier, Albert DelFuoco, Jr., Robert W. DeMule, James G. Estabrook, Paul A. Girard, Robert L Gregory, John R. Hatfield, Ross L. Haywood, Warren J. Landers, Jr., Albert R. Landry, William S. Lazarus, Charles A. Luise, Anthony Martino Jr., John P. McClory, Jr., John T. McGrath, Thaddeus J. Misiura, Elwood W. Morong, Jr., Paul E. Morrill, David L. Norcross, William J. O'Brien, Richard J. Roy, Richard J. Skey, Robert D. Sonia and James J. Tetrault.
    Printing - Franklin L. Bright, Jr., Forrest Hall Jr., Edward S. Shanoski, and Charles D. Staples.
    Sheet Metal - Howard D. Barry, Clarence E. Close, Alfred J. Dion, John R. Drew, Howard M. Fuller, Douglas G. Gallant, Albert R. Mailloux, Helmut G. Raber and William F. Sharpe.
    Shop Carpentry - Ralph I. Benedetto, Paul K. Comeau, James C. Dore and John D. Lomasney.