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1968 Graduation Article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 7, 1968 Page 12
Source: Lynn Public Library Microfilm.


99 Seniors Presented Diplomas At Trade High



State Aide Is Speaker


    Ninety-nine seniors at Trade High were graduated this morning at exercises held at the E.J.Harrington School.
    Michael C. O'Donnell, principal of Trade, told graduates that in a machine technology, numerically control equipment is becoming a necessity.  He added that students in the machine shop course at the school are now taught how to program a job, punch the tap and operate a numerically control milling machine.
    O'Donnell added that offset printing was being taught in the printing course and that instruction in heli-arc welding calibration and instrumentation and mechanism were among the courses being offered students to enable them to meet the demands of modern technology.
    He commented that many improvements made at the school during the past year were done with federal funds made possible by the Vocational Bureau of the State Department of Education and with the approval of the Lynn School Committee.
    Guest speaker at the graduation was John Fitzgerald acting director of the Vocational Bureau of the State Department of Education.  He told graduates how fortunate they had been to have entrusted their lives into the hands of men who taught them how to use their hands skillfully.
    Speaking about keeping a job, be advised that everyone should give his employer 60 minutes of work each hour.  Only in the dictionary, Fitzgerald added, would anyone find success coming before work.
    He added that graduates should take enthusiasm and zeal with them to their jobs so that their work could be the best possible.  Doing work of the highest quality was reward enough and Fitzgerald emphasized the fact that the highest reward one could receive was not money but rather the development of character.
    Fitzgerald concluded by saying that each person has the best helping hand at the end of his own hand.
    Officers of the class are James G. Smith, president; Joseph A. Fountain, vice president; Paul F. Geaney, secretary; Robert W. McKenzie, treasure.
    Placement of graduates in jobs included:
    Basic Electronics: Wayne R. Brooks, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Laboratory; Christopher Butler, Duketv Co.; North Shore Community College; Ronald Crompton, Microwave Associates Inc.; Robert F. Dow Jr., Microwave Associates Inc., William Dyer, General Electric Apprentice Program; Dennis E. Grant, Transitron; Robert W. Hall, Lynn Auto Radio; Joseph M. Martin, Associated Testing Laboratory; Richard McKenzie, Trasitron; William A. Norris, Land Electronics; U.S. Navy; Robert J. Sniegoski, Associated Testing Laboratory; Newman Prep; Gary Wilkinson, Houston-Way tv.
    Cabinet Making: Ronald Forlucci, Ginsburg Co.; James Garland, Champion Lamp Co.; Dean Robinson, Ginsburg Co.
    Drafting: Glenn R. Currie, Grant Charron Precision Gage & Tool Company; Philip LePage, Polaroid; Robert W. McKenzie, R&K Precision; Thomas M. McMahon, Charron Precision Gage & Tool Co.; John D. Mylott, I.T.T. Champion Lamp; Philip R. Norris, Lawson Manufacturing; James St. Cyr, Gremar Manufacturing Co.; John M. Sullivan, Honeywell, Waltham.
    Electrical: David Aylward, P.H. O'Connell Electrical Contractors; U.S. Navy; James G. Boyd, El Mac Electric, Ralph Branscomb, Philip Electri; Ralph E. Cameron, General Electric Apprentice Program; Steven Connolly, Penachio Brothers; Paul A. Dow, I.T.T. Champion Lamp; Carl Dowers, Major Electric Supply; John P. Healey, Siden Sales Electrical Supply; Daniel L. Hinds, Franzi; Lawrence Hubert, L.B. Anthony Lumber Co.; William Hussey, Gerneral Electric Apprentice Program; Randolph P. Kench, Wm. Sorenson Company; William MacMillan, Penachio Brothers; Charles D. Pujo, Penachio Brothers; David Rouse, General Electric Apprentice Program; Lawrence Serwacki, Lincoln Air Conditioning; James Smith, General Electric Apprentice Program; Gary D. Sonia, General Electric Apprentice Program; Thomas E. Wall, Carone Electric.
    Machine Shop: Harvey Bailey, Bener Tool and Die; Edward Burke, Benver Tool and Die; William Donahue, Triangle Tool and Die; Robert S. Hanson, General Electric Apprentice Program; Barry E. Krasnow, I.T.T. Champion Lamp Division; Jown W. Kirk, Nelcom Tool, Suugus; James McRobble, General Electric Apprentice Program; Timothy Oljey, Triangle Tool and Die; Richard D. Simes, General Electric Apprentice Program; Robert E. Titus, Jaquith Carbine; Luther E. Walhs, Superior Tool and Machine; John F. Walsh, Jarvis Carbine Tool. Bradford Allen, General Electric Apprentice Program; William Burke, Jarvis Carbide Tool; Thomas H. Daley, General Electric Co. West Lynn; Frederick Doughty, Burke Products; Robert Dulong, Case Gear and Tool; Arthur Hood, A.C. Lawrence Co.; Lawrence Hyde, General Electric Co., West Lynn; Kenneth W. Jenkins, Lawson Manufacturing Company; Steven Kaminski, General Electric Co., West Lynn; John Laganas, General Electric Co., West Lynn; John Mahan, General Electric Co., West Lynn; Richard McIsaac, I.T.T. Champion Lamp Co.; John E. O'Leary, General Electric Co., West Lynn; Ralph Oxner, Temco; Thomas Perlino, General Electric Co., West Lynn; Dennis Stevens, Lawson Manufacturing; Robert N. Blaney.
    Printing: Keith Ashley, Harvard Box; Michael Austin, Bradford and Bigelow; David Bettinger, Shea Bros., Presh Pond Parkway; Eugene D'Amico, Capital Markets, Warehouse; Thomas Gately, Bowoin Print; Paul Geaney, Tichnor Brothers; Michael Hoath, Harvard Box; Clyde Reed, Harvard Box; Gary M. Roach, Harvard Box; David E. Watson, Espo Lithograph Co.
    Sheet Metal: Laurence S. Morse, Weather Control; Stephen Boudreau, General Electric Apprentice Program; Rocco Cimino, Weather Control; Joseph Fountain, General Electric Apprentice Program; Brian Goudreau, Lynn Body Co.; Robert Hall, Weather Control; James McDonald, General Electric Apprentice Program; Steven L. Savin, General Electric Co., West Lynn Works; Gerald L. Donlon, Colonial Engineering.
    Shop Carpentry: Edward C. Atkinson, Conti & Donahue; Arthur Bonnevie, Cher-Char Construction Co.; Robert LeBrasseur Construction Co.; George Mitchell, Valtz-Kimberly Architects; John Mostacci, Grappi; James W. Porcello, Liberty Heel Co.; Daniel Ryan, Space Makers.
    Christopher Butler, will enter North Shore Community College, Beverly, and Robert J. Aniegoski will attend Newman Preparatory College, Boston.
    Those planning to enlist in the armed forces are William Norris and David Ayhward, Navy; George Grant, Air Force; John Laganas, Army.

    Basic Electrical: graduates are:  Wayne Richard Brooks, Christopher N. Butler, Ronald Charles Crompton, Robert Frank Dow Jr., William Lee Dyer, Dennis Ernest Grant, Robert W. Hall, Joseph Melvin Martin, Richard Michael McKenzie, William Allen Norris, Robert Joseph Sniegoski and Gary Neale Wilkinson.
    Cabinet Making: Ronald C. Fortucci, James William Garland and Dean Eric Robinson.
    Drafting: Glenn Ronald Currie, George B. Grant, Philip E. Lepage, Robert W. McKenzie, Thomas Michael McMahon, John D. Mylott, Philip Paul Norris, James R. St. Cyr and John M. Sullivan.
    Electrical: David Joseph Aylward, James G. Boyd, Ralph Joseph Branscoomb, Ralph Edward Cameron, Steven Allison Connolly, Paul Alexander Dow, Carl Frank Dowers, John Patrick Healey, Daniel Leon Hinds, Lawrence Edward Hubert, William Kenneth Hussey, Randolph MacMillian, Charles Dennis Pujo, David Paul Rouse, Stephen Lawrence Serwacki, James Gordan Smith, Gary Douglas Sonia and Thomas Edward Wall.
    Machine Shop: Bradford Dean Allen, Hervey C. Bailey, Robert N. Blaney, Edward Burke, William Thomas Burke Jr., Thomas Herny Daley, William Joseph Donahue, Frederick Wise Donahue, Robert Wilson Dunlop III, Robert S. Hanson Jr., Arthur Roy Hood, Lawrence Edmund Hyde, Kenneth Wayne Jenkins, Stephen Peter Kaminski,  John William Kirk, Barry Edward Krasnow, John Charles Laganas, John Dennis Mahan, Richard Walter McIsaac, James Arthur McRobbie, John Edward O'Leary, Ralph William Oxner, Thomas J. Perlino, Dennis Warren Stevens, Robert E. Titus, Luthur Edward Wallis and F. John Walsh.
    Printing: Keith Robert Ashley, Michael Edgar Austin, David Alan Bettinger, Eugene Peter D'Amico, Philip Thomas Gately Jr., Paul Frances Geaney, Michael Peter Hnath, Clyde Reed, Gary Michael Roach, and David Evan Watson.
    Sheet Metal: Stephen Hartwell Boudreau, Rocco Frank Cimino, Gerald Leon Donlon, Joseph Arthur Fountain, Charles James Gallant, Brian L. Goudreau, Robert G. Hall, James Stanley Morse and Steven Louis Savio.
    Shop Carpentry: Edward Clifton Atkinson, Arthur G. Bonnevie, Robert G. LeBrasseur, George Lester Mitchell, John William Porcella and Daniel Joseph Ryan. 

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