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1973 Graduation article

Daily Evening Item Lynn, Mass.
Friday, June 1, 1973 Page 14
Lynn Public Library Microfilm.


37 Girls Graduate Among 127 at Tech

    A total of 127 seniors received diplomas at Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute this morning.  There were also 13 postgraduates students honored.

    The commencement address was delivered by former Lynn mayor J. Warren Cassidy, Vincent K. Jarvis, a member of the School Committee, presented the diplomas.

    Charles LaVerdiere, secretary of the graduating class delivered the vocational educational address, in which he spoke of the growing role of vocational training in the public schools.

    This is the second class to graduate from the new school, and this is the first class with girls graduating from courses other that dental assistant.

    The graduates:



    Drew A. Bennett, Philip D. Burrow, Richard F. Dell, John A. Dool, William D. Kane Jr., George C. Kearns, Charles J. LaVerdiere, Kevin J. McDermott, Martin J. Pawslowski, Calvin L. Perham, Robert L. Reynolds, James A. Saulnier, Thomas J. Sclalfani, Clifton D. Tyler, and William A. Warner.


    Neil C. Buckley, Michael B. Della-Croce, Joseph L. Dolan, Gary J. Dunnigan, Donald E. Fuller, Patrick S. Giangreorio, Timithy D. Gorman, Edward C. Herlihy, Patric J. McGrath, John R. Meaney, David M. O'Donnell, Mark A. Resse, Kevin T. Shanahan, Ronald C. Spaulding, Robert W. Welch, Daniel C. Whalen, David C Wyckoff.

    Karen M. Donahue, Sheila A. Greelish.
    Carol Ann Dodge.
    Deirdre M. Allen, Lee M. Bowley, Andrea R. Buchanan, Kathleen P. Crowley, Nancy M. Dulong, Josephine A. Liberge, Mariene G. Peterson, Margaret M. Sands, Catherine A. Sullivan, Ann V. Walsh.
    Debra A. April, Nancy B. Britt, Elaine A. DiMuzio, Debra S. Mansfield, Dawna L. Masters, Laurie J. Miller, Donna M. Parascondola, Helene M. Peckham, Carole L. Sawyer, Kathleen A. Skeadas, Pamela J. Smith, Deborah A. Tenney.
    Richard D. Banks, Brian E. Barry, Roger W. Beyea, Glenn C. Christy, Lindsey P. Cunningham, Steven D. Deveney, James W. Dulong, Robert N. Grady, Roland J. Hachey, Shawn T. Hinds, Kenneth J. Lendall, Leonard J. Mishel, Eli C. Morris, Paul M. Nihan, Michael J. Poirier, Thomas Sideri, Michael J. Wetmore, Kenneth B. Young.
Graphic Arts
    Mark S. Abernathy, Robin D. Ashley, William T. Bell, Joseph H. Clapp, Jay H. Nelson, Thomas A. Parini, John Sideri III.
    Robert W. Berry, Paul E. Bourgeois, Jr., Jeffery C. Castaldo, Warren L. Cloudman, Dennis L. Coates, Ralph E. Crompton, David D. Page.
    Richard B. Anderson, James M. Blatsos, Richard J. Cormier, Leslie D. Davis, Brent M. DeBarardinis, Peter J. DiF???, Michael D. Farrell, Thomas J. Farrell, John G. Garshva, Robert M. Grayson, Duane E. Hamill, Allen L. Hanson, Michael A. Hoey, Donald M. Landry, Bruce R. Lord, Thomas A. MacLean, Steven L. Malm, Ronald J. McManus, Dean W. Moody, Glen P. Richard, Michael G. Sciarretta, Paul R. Sidilou, Thomas J. Twomey, Kevin E. Veilleux, John D. Woodman.
    Francis J. Arsenault, John H. Bailey, Edward P. Belliveau, Todd R. Bollen, Brian Chisholm, Joseph A. Frugoli, Albert H. Melanson, James W. Morse, Thomas J. Ostrowski, Robert F. Randall, Paul M. Schultz, Randall F. Svenson, Kenneth Tucker.
    Robin M. Atkinson, Michelle B. Bronstein, Dorothy A. Casey, Pamela C. Julien, Theresa A. Keaney, Lynn J. Lafata, Jeanne T. Lewis, Karen M. Persia, Sharon A. Redden, Donna L. Reed, Cheryl L. Rhodes, Jane R. Warner, Karen L. Whitten
Lynn Tech Seniors Cited

    Outstanding seniors at Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute received recognition during graduation ceremonies at the school this morning. Representatives of several business, industrial and labor groups were on hand to present various awards to students for their achievements.

    Awards winners included: Warren Cloudman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cloudman, 10 River St. Place and Robert Crompton, son of Mrs. Ruth Crompton, 205 Broadway, who the both received machinist handbooks and set of drafting instruments.

    The award was given by Local 142, American Federation of Technical Engineers for outstanding achievements in machine drafting.

    Thomas Bell, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bell, 57 Estes St., received a $200 savings bond from the General Electric Co. for best achievement in graphic arts.

    David O'Donnell, son of Mr. and Mrs. David O'Donnell, 2 Creighton Place, received a $200 award from the Lynn Teachers Union for receiving the highest grades on competitive examinations.  He completed the shop carpentry course.

    Paul Schultz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schultz, 51 High Rock St. received $150 from the Lynn Teachers Association.  He completed the metal fabrication course.

    Daniel Whalen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Whalen, 72 Winnepurkit Ave., received $100 from Fairview Machine Cormpamy.  He was in the shop carpentry course.

    John Sideri, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Sideri, 27 Union Court, and Thomas Bell received $25 bonds provided by Postmaster Thomas P. Costin Jr.  Empire Paper Corp., and Carter Rice Storrs & Berneni Bell also received a $100 bond and plaque for being printer of the year from the same group.
    Robin Ashley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ashley, 47 Curran Road, received a $25 bond and a plaque from the above group. He was selected as offset pressman of the year.
    Three students in the metal fabrication course were given welding helmets by Middlesex Welding Co., honoring them for achievement in metal fabrication.
    They were: Brian Chisholm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Finley Chisholm,
38 Chatham St.; Robert Randall, son of  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Randall, 315 Linwood St.; and James Morse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Morse, 15 McKinley Ter.
    Steven Deveney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Deveney, 71 Commonwealth Road, received a $50 award from Jay and Jeffrey Cohen givin in honor of their father. Deveney was selected as the outstanding student in the electrical program.
    Clifton Tyler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tyler, 214 Chatham St.., received a $200 award ans trophy from trustees of the Dick Blaney Memorial Fund, Tyler was honored as the outstanding student who will be continuing his education.
    James Morsey also received a $20 award from the Westland Electric Co. of Waltham.
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers presented awards to eight boys for thier research and paper projects. The students submitted the papers to IEEE member for evaluation.
    Lindsey Cunningham, son of  Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Cunningham, 40 Grove St., and Roger Beyea, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Beyea, 25 Great Woods Road were first place winners. Second place, ??? Wisnioski, son of Stanley Wisnioski, 44 Bay View Ave.
    Third, Warren Whitten, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitten, 48 Vine St.
    Fourth, Paul Nihan, son of  Mr. and Mrs. John Nihan, 180 Tracy Ave., and James Whitten, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Whitten, 48 Vine St.
    Consolation awards: Dennis Trasfaglia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trasfaglia, 12 Elizabeth St., James Dulong, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dulong, 69 Charendon Ave., and Roland Hachey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Hachey, 42 Whiting St..
    James A. Pelly, institute Director, said the cash awards will be used by students to further thier education or to purchase tools for thier trade.

Photo of Class Officers
Item Photo Crosby
Class Officers At Lynn Tech
 The class officers for Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute includes from left, Thomas Sclafani, vice president; Joseph Dolan, class executive; Donald Fuller, president; Ralph Crompton, class executive; Charles LaVerdiere, secretary; along with James A. Pelly, institute director; and Robert A. McManus, assistant director.
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