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2010 Graduation Article

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 the daily item
Lynn Technical High School graduation set for Thursday

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute’s 2010 graduation ceremony is scheduled for Thursday at 4 p.m. in the school’s field house.
Members of the Class of 2010


Leandro Alcantara, Saradjeen Alexis, Jason Alfred, Brainny Arias, Jesse Avalo, Jairo Ayala,
Jocelin Ayala.
Jose Baquero, Oceania Bare, Grewil Beltre Mosquea, wilbert
Beltre Mosquea, John Benedict, Shanel Bird, Pedro Blas, Dakotah
Bontos, Joseph Brady, Samantha Bragan, Deise Brock, Johnathan Bruno, Connor Bryson.
Breanne Caisse, Stephen Caisse, Mariah Carrion, Anabel Castillo, Jahn Castillo, Zachary Chen, Devyn Collins, Jacob Colon, Donald Cook, Tameika Cornier, Elizabeth Crowley.
Christopher Davis, Victor Deleon Portillo, Shawn Dennis, Johnathan
Derosa, Nathalie Diaz, James Digregorio, Christopher DiRico, Christine Doucette, Jonathan Dowgos.
Jennifer Echeverria, Jeffrey Ekstrom, Orlin Escalante , Rafael Espaillat, Julieta Espina, Havy Espinosa.
Gerrad Fairweather, Julio Ferreras, Jessica Fiasconaro, Raul
Francis Castillo, Vicente Fresco Moquete, Ryan Furey.
Wilfredo Garcia Aquirre, Heriberto German, Jeremy Gillette, Alejandro
Gonzalez, Jorge Gonzalez, Tyler Grillo, Jose Grullon, Paloma Guerrier, Isabel Gutierrez.
Dennis Hallissey, Octavia Harper, Rayshawn Haynes, Shawnee
Haynes, Rafaelina Hernandez, John Hines, Shaniqua Holcombe, Sengin Holland, Ryan Holmes.
Angela Jackson , Andres Javier, Fanice Jean-Baptiste, Brandon
Jemery, Barbara Jimenez, Richard Jones-Alas.
Markeisha Kelley.
Lamour Laguerre, Mikey Lara, Marie Larochelle, Javier Laureno,
Adam Lawn, Douglas Linnane, Jalisa Lluveres, David Lobo, Rosie Long, Dionis Lopez, Erico Lopez, Marleni Luna, Michael Luttgens.
Luis Madera, Jennifer Mak, Cindy Mariano, Tania Mayorga, Viviana
Maysonet, Kristiana Mazola, Bryan Mcaskill, Umanni Mclean, Stephen Medina, Daniel Mendez, Shaun Moholland, Alan Monks, Diego Morales Lopez, Ana Mota Medina, Nicholas Mont, David Mover, Robert Murphy, Ryan Murphy.
Ricky Naw, Alyssa Newton, Matthew Noonan, Michael Noonan,
Shaun Norris, Ivana Nunez.
Nadia Obregon, Wendy Olivares, Gabriel Oneal, Sopheana Onn.
Randy Pacheco Amador, Alexa Pagano, Jonathan Panopoulas, Christopher Patten, Jackson Perez, Yomaira Perez, Timothy
Pilch, Randy Pimentel, James Pojoy, Cassandra Pok, Kimlee
Alexander Quinton.
Jhonatan Rijo, Felix Rios, Jhonathan Rivas Trinidad, Alessandro
Rivera, Elvis Rodriguez, Dustin Rooney, Charlie Ros, Donald
Rosario, Edgar Rosario.
Karini Salazar, Chanreasmey San, Yadira Sanchez, Sheila Santiago,
Bonita Sao, Anthony Scardina, Diomaris Segura Rivas, Maya Sewell, Tyler Sewell, Yarisha Soto.
Savan-Nah Tate, Shaneya Tate, Terrell Tate, Ednita Tavarez Jimenez, Leng Teang, Iliana Torres.
Josue Umanzor Benitez, Bennett Umeh, Juan Urena.
Sean Vaczy, Luis Valerio, Katherine Vallejo Lopez, Raineris Vasquez Tineo, Johnniel Vazquez, Jarrett Velez.
Daemon Whyte, Meghan Winslow.
Sunny Yo
Holcombe: “Tech is the place to be”

   Class of 2010 valedictorian Shaniqua Holcombe looks forward to praising Lynn Vocational Technical Institute in her speech to fellow graduates and mixing some high school memories with humor.
   “I’ll talk about what we are going to miss and what we are not going to miss,” said the senior who Tech guidance counselor Heather Toomey said does it all as student and athlete.
   Besides excelling in school, Holcombe played Tech softball and basketball, ran the 400 and 200 meter and was the soccer team captain in addition to playing in the dodge ball tournament.
   She credits her mother, Karen, and father, Sherman, with letting
her try new activities as a child. She signed up for Girls Incorporated and the Girl Scouts and attended Summer of Discovery and the Upward Bound mathematics and science
   She grew up in Kings Lynne and crossed O’Callaghan Way to attend the Callahan School and Breed Middle School. She is smack dab in the middle of four siblings: Older brother, Guy; older sister, Ashia; younger brother, Donte, and little sister,
   “It made it easier to be a student; I wasn’t in the spotlight,” she said.
   A love of math and an interest in science developed while studying at the Coastal Ocean Science Academy in Nahant, which provided the foundation for her decision to study forensic science at the University of New Haven this fall. She will spend part of the summer at an academic program in Maine.
   “Over the summer I’ll go to Upward Bound as a bridge stu-Holcombe: “Tech is the place to be” dent doing group projects researching eyesight. I’ll also do an individual project on milk.”
   She is headed for Connecticut but Holcombe’s heart remains
on Neptune Boulevard.
“Lynn Tech is the place to be. People say, ‘Tech people don’t do
anything with their lives.’ I came here to prove them wrong.”