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Reference Materials

Reference materials on this website were obtained from one of the following sources. I would like to thank all that contributed. I'm looking for early yearbooks and scroll or class photos from 1948 thru 1976 for our archives, please contact the LVTIAA staff at lvtiaa2@gmail.com
Thanks The Staff

Lynn Public Library
5 North Common Street
Lynn, Massachusetts 01902
Phone: 781-595-0567 / TTY: 781-477-7057
Fax: 781-592-5050
Web: www.noblenet.org/lynn/
Nadine M. Mitchell, Chief Librarian
Joe Coffill
Reference Department, 2nd floor contains:
LVTI Yearbooks years 1975 thru 2000
Also a box of various articles
Daily Evening Items on Microfilm
Graduation Articles, years 1948 thru 1973
The library's microfilm archives contain Daily Item articles dating from 1877 to the present.

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute
LVTI Yearbooks years 1975 thru 2000

The Daily Item
Peter H. Gamage
President & Publisher
Granted permission to post articles online

Several Classroom Photos
Al Malagrifa

1963 Anthony Martino, Jr.
1965 Gerald Gauthier
1966 Robert Levine
1968 Charlie Gallant
1974 Paul Crowley

Scroll Photos
1957 Earl Rooney
1960 Bruce Rebidue
1965 Wayne Husson
1967 Ken DiBiccari
1968 Tom Hall
1970 Brad Hanson
1971 Paul Jenkins
1972 Doug Kastanotis
1976 Mark Mielcarek

Sports Articles
1971/72 Football Fausto Ricciari